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  1. qhfreddy

    Fan control support

    Hi, was just wondering is there any list for a the systems supported by HWinfo for fancontrol. I would like to manually set fan speeds on my Clevo W230SS, but I don't know whether that would be possible to implement.
  2. qhfreddy

    OSD options greyed out

    I wanted to try using HWinfo with the Rivatuner OSD from Afterburner, but the options were greyed out in HWinfo. I have Afterburner installed and I use the OSD quite a lot, but I can't find how to add HWinfo data to it. [attachment=634]
  3. qhfreddy

    GPU VRM Power

    I found that the new versions supported GPU VRM temperature, current, and voltage monitoring. I think it would be nice if there was a power figure included, if it is not possible to retrieve it in any other way it should be calculated based on the real time voltage and current values.
  4. qhfreddy

    MSi GT60 no fan

    The program does not show the fan control icon like on my friends M14x. SS: