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    VBAT shows 0.000 V after PC waking up from sleep

    v.6.30-4240 Clicking the "Reset" button, still shows 0.000 V. But if I close HWiNFO and re-launch it, it shows the correct value again.
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    AGESA Combo-AM4 V2

    So, i just updated my ASRock X570 Steel Legend to the latest BIOS that supports AGESA Combo-AM4 V2 And I've noticed that CPU TDC, CPU TDC Limit, and CPU Power Reporting Deviation are now missing from HWiNFO sensors. (Ryzen Master also doesn't read the CPU Power, SOC Power, and TDC (CPU)...
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    Memory Timings Sensor in v6.22

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but the Minimum and Maximum value shows weird reading randomly after a while. It never happened in previous version, including the beta (always showing the same value as "Current")