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    Asus Maximus Hero XI Vrm temps ?

    Hi, I seem to remember that I could find the VRM temps before in HWinfo but it seems to be missing now; any ideah how i can get it back? Thanks
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    Layout not saving

    Hi, Seems that at each reboot my Hwinfo layout goes back to default. Does anyone knows how to fix that? Thanks !
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    CPU Usage : task manager vs Hwinfo

    Hi, i've noticed that the readings between task manager and Hwinfo (total cpu usage) are different. in the task manager, I've never seen my cpu going lower thant 4 or 5% but in Hwinfo, in total cpu usage, it goes around 1% Which reading is the proper one? Thanks
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    Windows Harware Errors (WHEA) in only one game

    Windows Harware Errors (WHEA) Hi, I just played a bit the game and noticed I had 3 Windows Harware Errors (WHEA) in Hwinfo that does not appear when on desktop on on other game for what I know. Any ideas what could be the issue? I ran 2h of occt small and no errors and now 3 errors in game...
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    Disable Main Window

    Hi, Untill today when I launched Hwinfo or use it from tray I only had the sensors but now i have the main window as well and i'd like to get rid of it. How can I do? Thanks