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    Samsung ATIV Tab 7 XE700T1C-K01US fan control

    Hi, I used to work with my Hp 2740p, and HWiNFO supported fan control. I just got a Samsung ATIV Tab 7 XE700T1C-K01US, can you add support for Atvi Tab 7? Or what info do you need? Right now, Hwinfo does not list fan speed at all. Motherboard Model is Samsung ATIV Tab 7...
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    hp 2740p fan control speed mistery- hit and miss

    hi after updating hp 2740p into win 8.1 it works. However, for life of me, cannot figure out how you select certain speed for fan. It is hit and miss. When I start the app, after reboot/or wake after sleep it is in automatic mode. I change to manual. But no matter how much I move the...
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    HWinfo64 3.99 - 1455, working from time to time, no other version

    hi, I guess I have posted before about this issue, I have a HP 2740p multi-touch laptop/tablet, Win 7 Pro. The only version up to know working is HWinfo64 3.99 - 1455, even that from time to time fails to bring fan speed down. Other newer versions don't do anything. Any idea why?