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  1. Lukas0610

    Missing informations + S.M.A.R.T. values for SSD after hardware changes

    Hey, I changed my PC's hard drives today and noticed that for one of my SSDs (Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256GB) the informations in the "Main"-window and the S.M.A.R.T. sensor values are missing. CrystalDiskInfo and smartctl can read the drive without problems, just HWiNFO64 doesn't. If you have use...
  2. Lukas0610

    ASRock Z490 Taichi - ISL69269 readings incorrect

    Hey, I recently noticed that the VRM sensor readings of the ISL69269 on my board are finally showing up, but, as the title says, are of no use. I attached the debug file and to screenshots to show what's going on. Thanks in advance
  3. Lukas0610

    ASRock Z490 Taichi VRM sensors missing/MB sensors duplicated

    Hey, I just got my new mainboard and wanted to report some sensor issues. The sensor values for the Intersil ISL69269 VRM are missing completely and the values for the NCT6796D are duplicated, with the second version showing strange values like 13.536 V for the +12V sensor. I tested this with...