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    Martin, can you add "effective GPU clocks" for HWinfo for 3090?

    Thread here: Code is: "NVENC Clocks (Current Clocks)" string.format("{0} ({1}) MHz", nvapi.clocks.current.nvenc_clock, nvapi.clocks.current.core_clock); You can test effective clocks vs requested clocks for...
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    RTX 3080/3090 Memory/VRM temperature sensor

    Can this be added in a future hwinfo? The board seems to have a way to read this, since people have been getting "Thermal" Limit even with a 55C CPU temperature. Igor's website seems to show...
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    AC/DC Loadline and VRM monitoring support for Z490 boards

    Hi Martin, When you have time, can you look into updating HWinfo for reading the AC/DC loadines on the various Z490 boards? Tested Maximus 12 Extreme and Aorus Master, and no AC/DC Loadline in the CPU information area. Also for VRM monitoring on the Intersil (and possibly other when possible)...
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    Z390 Gigabyte bug report (erratic HWinfo readings)

    Hi Martin! On my Z390 Aorus Master, when I use HWinfo to monitor voltages and current, when I am running a direct3D/game, some readings get thrown off and become inaccurate. Notably, GPU mhz (speed), GPU voltage, GPU power (Watts) (AMD Vega 64), and Current IOUT, Power POUT, VR VIN (CPU IR...
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    To Martin: IA AC and IA DC reporting?

    Hi, Merry Christmas, @Martin !  I have a Gigabyte Aorus master, and version 6.00 says that there is IA AC and IA DC reporting. However I have been unable to find it anywhere.  I checked both on my Z390 / 9900K system, as well as my MSI laptop (7820HK, CM238 chipset), where I have IA AC and...