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  1. octiceps

    How to update HWiNFO64 while keeping settings intact?

    Can I simply replace the old HWiNFO64.exe with the new exe, and it will use the existing program settings stored in HWiNFO64.ini and sensor settings stored in Windows Registry?  BTW I'm updating from v5.22 to v5.32, HWiNFO64 portable. Thanks to Martin, et al., for this great program.  :D
  2. octiceps

    Bug with HWiNFO64 in RTSS OSD.

    Just did an OS reformat and installed HWiNFO64 4.26. There's now a bug with the HWiNFO64 readings in RTSS OSD. It wasn't present when I was using 4.20 previously so I'm not sure when it was introduced. What RTSS OSD used to look like on HWiNFO64 4.20: What it looks like now on 4.26...