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    Asus Zenbook 13 Flip ux363ea - Core i7 1165G7 - Core freq. out of range reporting

    Hey there, just a small bug report where Core freq. is a bit out of range, thank You for Your great job on the software! [already purchased two licenses <3] With best regards uplink
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    HWiNFO64 v6.31-4245 - not showing custom value anymore :(

    Hey there Thank You for the dark skin! Much obliged! And one thingie, in HWiNFO64 v6.31-4245, my custom value stopped working :( Please help, or fix this issue? With kind regards uplink
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    Overall CPU load [all cores median/average/actual]

    Hey there, Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm unable to find a count for all cores load, maybe their median/average, or actual median. I know I can do it via custom sensor, by counting residency? [is that the load?], although, I still find it as a pretty basic reading, so I'm rather asking...
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    Feature request: search in Sensor Status, Sensor Settings: Custom, System Tray, OSD (RTSS), Alerts, etc., saving of custom color and resize of window

    Hey there I just fell in love with Yoru software, I was on Core Temp till now [go figure :D]. Would You please consider adding search within Sensor Status and within Sensor Settings practically all of the tabs in there? Maybe fulltext throughout all the values? It would really make work with...
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    Feature request: Highest Core Clock & Highest Core Ratio to Sensor Status

    Hey there Would it be possible to add two new Sensor Status readings, which would equal to the highest reached frequency on any single core, and also highest reached ratio [same value pretty much, one can be derived from another]? With kind regards uplink