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  1. iamanai

    Is there no easier way to get the information from HWiNFO?

    I've mentioned this before, but it's really starting to become a problem now. I would like to gather a wide variety of information from HWiNFO, but the current plugin is simply too complicated to configure for the average Rainmeter user. I've been avoiding this problem by making a detailed...
  2. iamanai

    Difference between core thermal throttling and package/ring thermal throttling?

    Quick background: I'm developing a Rainmeter skin suite called ModernGadgets (GitHub repo here) and I am currently working on implementing thermal throttling detection. When thermal throttling is enabled, it plays a (quite annoying) sound, the graph goes red, and warning text is displayed on the...
  3. iamanai

    [BUG] String error codes

    I came across this bug when I was attempting to make a skin automatically detect whether or not HWiNFO was running. I wanted to use a string value, because I was using !OnChangeAction and using a number value would cause that to fire off every second when HWiNFO is active (which is not what I...
  4. iamanai

    Feature idea: Alternate way to get sensor information

    The biggest problem with the HWiNFO plugin as it currently stands is ease of use. A user is required to go through a long list of sensors to find what they want, and manually input sensor IDs into a skin file. Especially with large skin suites, this can be quite daunting and can turn away many a...
  5. iamanai

    HWiNFO plugin not working on multiple users

    Hi, I'm the creator of a skin pack called illustro Gadgets, which uses the HWiNFO plugin to get most of its information. I've been having this issue with the plugin since I first installed it, but haven't gotten around to reporting the issue until now. Here is a detailed explanation of what I am...