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  1. Dicehunter

    PSU Fan Speed

    Just curious but is it at all possible to monitor PSU fan speed for example a Corsair RMi 650w hooked up via USB header ? I know I can see PSU fan speeds in the Corsair utility itself but am just curious if it can be done through the much better Hwinfo aswell ? EDIT Nevermind apparently I'm...
  2. Dicehunter

    Playing Nice With Corsair iCUE ?

    Probably a long shot but is there any chance of HWINFO playing nice with Corsair iCUE software in the future ? I only ask as I think HWINFO is brilliant as I always have an OSD with quite a few stats on screen in games etc.... but it makes iCUE freak out and turns the lights off and on, On...
  3. Dicehunter

    HWINFO Interferes With Corsair Link

    Whenever I open HWINFO readings in Corsair Link go a little haywire, Fan RPM readings and fan selections disappear, Possible bug ? HWINFO Not Running HWINFO Running
  4. Dicehunter

    PSU Monitoring ?

    Just started using the Corsair Link PSU monitoring through HWINFO, Great addition by the way, And I'm curious which is the correct one to monitor. PSU Power or PSU Power (sum) ? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Dicehunter

    Ryzen Core Temp Reading ?

    Am I right in thinking that we take the CPU (Tdie) reading in HWINFO for 1700X and 1800X Ryzen temps seeing as AMD said they added a 20'c offset for those "X" CPU's as the CPU (Tdie) reading seems to fit in with what I'm seeing with thermal probes etc...?
  6. Dicehunter

    Possible To See DX Version ?

    In EVGA's Precision X you can see the Direct X version being used in the OSD, It will say D3D9, D3D10 or D3D11. Is it possible to do this in hwinfo somehow ? Oh and also can I somehow backup my settings for the OSD so I don't have to reconfigure each OS install ?
  7. Dicehunter

    HWINFO64 and Latest Nvidia Driver

    The latest Nvidia driver 344.65 removes the ability to monitor GPU clocks, OSD etc... completely removes the entries from HWINFO just a heads up :)
  8. Dicehunter

    Current time ?

    Is it possible to display the current local time with hwinfo ?