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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    Did you read the very first post (1) of this thread? Its all there... And some general info you can get from sensors window when you hover the mouse pointer over the PRD sensor (if you have "Show ToolTips" enabled from sensor settings).
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    Explanation Power Reporting Deviation

    I believe (I’m not in front of it right now) description says to go to HWiNFO forums for more info, and that is the article @Martin posted. Anyway you didn’t read it, otherwise you would know by now that PRD value can count/be evaluated only under 100% CPU load. And that is also on the sensor...
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    Temp 9 question

    Yes it could be an error or it could be another Tj max distance of some other part of the CPU. Other than the actual cores I mean. Thats why on idle its similar to cores Tj max and under load its different. Of course this is just a thought. Even if we accept that its a valid (Tj distance)...
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    Temp 9 question

    From my understanding and by noticing a lot of ASUS board users (on both major platforms, Intel/AMD) having similar readings, the most common possibilities for this is: 1. The value is faulty/invalid or... 2. The value is a distance temp of some kind of threshold. Do you have a CPU Tj max...
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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    I have a Gigabyte board (AorusPro X570) and R5 3600. Most Gigabyte boards (if not all) supply a little more on DRAM voltage from BIOS setting. It’s normal and this cannot affect a matter like PowerReportingDeviation. And it’s not BIOS version specific. 60W PPT and around 60% PRD gives a true...
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    AMD Ryzen Power Reporting Deviation

    If you read this you would know that PRD value is valid only under full (100%) load. In any other load situation what PRD reports does not matter or have any significance. What ever...
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    I rolled back to 6.42, thank you!

    From my understanding there is no error that needs a fix. This is intentional and one of the features that separates free version from Pro.
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    HWiNFO v7.07-4505 Beta released

    Ok, thanks!
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    HWiNFO v7.07-4505 Beta released

    Yes, that did it. I disabled "Snapshot CPU Polling" and IOD temps appear. Is this normal? I have to disable snapshot CPU polling to have IOD temps?
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    HWiNFO v7.07-4505 Beta released

    Yes its not shown as you can see the above screenshot. Here is the compressed DBG file
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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    Yes your board is overreporting CPU power and causing it to underperform. Stock PPT of 5800X is 142W and the real power under CB-R20 is ~121W. 142 / 1.17 = 121W 1. Even if your board didn't do that, you still wouldn't see any benefits because your CPU already reaches the max operating temp...
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    HWiNFO v7.07-4505 Beta released

    Hey Martin Very nice additions for ZEN CPUs lately! Thank you!! But where exactly should the IOD temps appear?
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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    Any time… When a got the board (Aug 2019), X570 was the only option for 500series. I picked Aorus Pro as the most balanced board for capabilities and features/ports. Also has a nice VRM heatsink and can easily support a 16core CPU with OC. Early BIOSs was real pain (first 6-8 months from...
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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    The numbers I mentioned was with CB-R20 which is a more normal (real life) benchmark. This is P95 (ambient temp 23~24C) with PBO enabled. As you will see I'm using 280mm AIO water cooler Real PPT is 102 / 0.915 = 111.5W and CPU temp 70+C. I guess that 88 / 0.7 = 125.7W would increase temp...
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    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    You know PRD alone does not tell anything. You must take account of what PPT reports during that full load 70% PRD. Depends on the CPU you have and it’s stock PPT. Anyway, I have Aorus Pro X570 (F32 Bios) with R5 3600 that has a stock PPT of 88W. During full load my PRD is around 89~92% and PPT...
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    See core performance order?

    If you choose to set PBO on just “Enabled” the limits are even higher than that. Basically by enabling PBO without any manual settings you are telling the CPU to operate at its max potential without damaging it self. Its safe. All is depending on the CPU temp. The cooler it is the higher is...
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    Power reporting deviation - also temp question

    Hi there, First you read this Second the PRD, as stated by the above explanation, only counts under full CPU load. If you hover mouse pointer over the sensor you can read it there...
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    Effective clock vs instant (discrete) clock

    Who can tell... you don’t provide any info about the CPU settings. Is it stock, is it OCed...
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    CPU power reporting accuracy values >110% or <90%?

    Was it above 110% or below 90%? And it only counts under full CPU (100%) load.