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  1. HWnovice

    Some values in HWInfo64 I dont find anywhere explanation for

    Hi community! Those parameters are always markes as YES in Current and Maximum: 1) GT: Fuses limit 2) RING: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax, PL4 When I played long enough GTA5 using a previous version of HWInfo64 (v.6.14-3980), I saw from time to time these marked as YES in Maximum aswell: 3) IA...
  2. HWnovice

    I have two 8GB DDR4-2400 installed but HWInfo shows only 655 MHz as memory clock [solved]

    Hi community, First of all I thank the authors of HWInfo for such an incredible tool, giving more Info than I could even understand. I´ve been reading this forum for a while but I decided to open an account and ask something I dont find the answer to. I have two 8GB DDR4-2400 modules installed...