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    Double click system tray icon

    When double clicking HWiNFO system tray icon, the icon is removed from tray, and the next app (e.g. geforce experience) open as it had received the double click Not all other tray apps will open if placed after HWiNFO, e.g. Logitech gaming software
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    Selection does not cleared when customizing value

    The first item selected (in sensors window) to customized value remain selected when a new one is selected for customize vales, trey settings and other settings in that menu.
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    Lost customization and tray sensor

    Hi Martin, Recently I noticed that if I disable SATA interface, I lose customization of the NVMe drive, as well as "Drive temperature 2" sensor in try. The sensors are split to 2 tables, with many of various sensors disabled and hidden. Only the NVMe sensors are effected, the GPU sensors after...
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    iGPU VID sensor show and disappear

    Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not, (mess my layout :D). Not a big problem, I can just hide it. [attachment=3482] [attachment=3483]
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    Aplication terminates

    I had vers. 5.02-2575 terminated unexpectedly ywice already in couple of hours. Faulting application name: HWiNFO64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55aca891 Faulting module name: HWiNFO64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55aca891 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset...
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    i5-3570K CPU report

    Hi Martin, I am trying to help a guy with i5-3570K that cannot set ratio above x38. BIOS reports Ratio Status unlocked, though Max cannot be seen (thank you MSI) In HWiBFO CPU report: Can it be that Intel somehow "forgot"...
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    Turbo always boost all cores

    I don't know if it is normal or a bug in BIOS or HWiNFO, but all cores on my 4670k boost to max even if I run one thread with affinity to CPU 0 (or any other CPU)
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    Missing sensors, wrong reading

    Hi, First time poster here. Not sure if HWiNFO or BIOS bug I have noticed that when I change BCLK frequency there are 2 sensors missing and one show wrong reading. On the right BCLK is 100 and everything seems fine, on the left BCLK set to 101.23. IA Cores Power and GT Cores Power are...