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    Possible HWinfo Issue?

    Im not sure how much of this issue is related to the new HWinfo 7.06 and windows, but I haven't experienced this with earlier version of HWInfo 7.04 and I was on the same windows update 21H1 and the same Nvidia drivers 466.47. Some times after only expending, then other times expending and then...
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    Tray Icons hidden after Update

    After this update, on each reboot or PC startup and doesn’t matter how many times I will repeat this by unhiding them, the same core# tray icons are hidden in the system taskbar, this was always working nice before update.
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    Automatic Updates on v7

    I presume the automatic update works! if so, what is the frequency? Thanks
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    Wrong CPU speed

    Hello, I never know thins until the other day that HWiNFO shows wrong speed of my 6950X. In turbo boost 2 shows 3.33MHz and TB3 shows 3.6-3.7MHz and I know thins only because I was looking into aquacomputer aquasuite settings and know this speed discrepancy. Upon some trouble shooting I also...
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    Sumsung 970 Pro Correct temperature

    Hello, I'm adding my 970 pro temperature icon to a tray and there are 2 readings..Temp1 and 2 I can only presume 1 or the other is for controller and flash, which should I use to monitor my temperature. Thank you btw. I just look into Hard Disk Sentinel and it points to the temp#1 I assume...
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    SAS 9305-24i Host Bus Adapter

    Dear HWiNFO Author I have just purchased SAS 9305-24i Host Bus Adapter and as we all know any LSI Raid/HBA card tend to run pretty hot, so good active cooling is important to keep the heat at bay. Atm. I have 60mm Noctua fan blowing directly at the passive heat sink at roughly 80% of the...
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    Help with HWiNFO

    Hi to Everyone,   First of all, thank you for this great program and allowing us using  for free, its much appreciated. I've been using HWiNFO for a while and it's been my favorite monitoring software and not because its free but because is simple, yet very rich in what is design for...