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  1. Z

    Temp 9 question

    Yes it could be an error or it could be another Tj max distance of some other part of the CPU. Other than the actual cores I mean. Thats why on idle its similar to cores Tj max and under load its different. Of course this is just a thought. Even if we accept that its a valid (Tj distance)...
  2. P

    Temp 9 question

    Yes I have a tjmax distance and it is similar to that but I don't think it is because under load my cpu was 37c away from tjmax so I guess it is just an error. But on idle my cou is 69c away from tjmax
  3. Z

    Temp 9 question

    From my understanding and by noticing a lot of ASUS board users (on both major platforms, Intel/AMD) having similar readings, the most common possibilities for this is: 1. The value is faulty/invalid or... 2. The value is a distance temp of some kind of threshold. Do you have a CPU Tj max...
  4. P

    Temp 9 question

    Hello today I noticed that my motherboard had a value called temp 9 and on idle it was extremely High like 72c after playing an hour of gta v it went down to 57c my motherboard is an ASUS Prime B560M-A AC
  5. C

    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Hi TomWoB, I just recently found out about GenericLogViewer and what an awesome tool it is. Thank you so much for working on it and making it better. Earlier today, I was doing a stress test of my Asus PN50 and recording sensor logs from GPU-Z (v2.40.0). After the test, I load the log file in...
  6. L

    Troubleshooting plea for help

    I wont bother with a long sob story or other tales but i built a computer for my girlfriend a few years back and after roughly 6 months of using it she noticed after running games for a few minutes the games start freezing in short sessions. It can vary from 2 second freezes that resume up to a...
  7. W

    wrong chipset temperature ?

    The name in Bios is PCH ? I only see PCH fan speed I installed Asus system information but no chipset temperature
  8. Z

    wrong chipset temperature ?

    Did you try software from ASUS? Or see the temp in BIOS for idle at least? Usually X570s report 2 different chipset temps, and the lower one is controlling the chipset fan and shown in BIOS.
  9. sdmf74

    Motherboard Nuvoton header Temp2 reading erratic v7.02-4430

    I just bought this Asus Maximus XIII Hero motherboard and an Intel 11900K processor and noticed a strange erratic reading under the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO (Nuvoton NCT6798D) header & was hoping you could tell me what this temperature is supposed to be reading & why it is acting this way...
  10. B

    VCore reading on Asus TUF B550m-Plus

    Oh wow...I can only imagine how difficult it must be so I totally understand. My only concern was knowing whether I had something set BIOS or HWInfo. And then add to it the frustration with Asus...i mean really, all those temp outputs and they can't even expose VRM thermals to...
  11. Architekt

    No longer able to see VRM temps when I used to

    My BIOS version HAS changed as well so that could be part of it. I'm on version 3302. I believe the VRM temps were under one of the motherboard headers (there's a few). One is "Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Formula (Nuvoton NCT6798D)", another is "System: ASUS System Product Name" and a third is "Asus...
  12. F

    Asus Strix Z270F question

    Hey , I just have a quick question . Does anyone know what the Mobo temps mean for an Asus Strix Z270F ? I'm interested in the T1 , T2 , Temp3, Temp4 and Temp5. Just curious. More curious about why most are in the 30s with Temp3 being in the 50s. Any help is appreciated. Also , is CPU(PECI)...
  13. Martin

    Z590 PCH temp
  14. K

    Z590 PCH temp

    I'm getting a PCH temp of 74-80C on the Asus Maximus XIII Hero motherboard. EC sensors reports PCH 60C. Does @Martin know anything about Z590 PCH temps? The BIOS reports the higher 74-80C temp...
  15. D

    Hardware info 7.02 broken boost clocks and old bug still here

    Hi, I will go straight to the point. On hardware info 7.02 a strange behaviour which started in version 6.x and was fixed in the last 2 releases of version 6 and was not present in version 7.00 has appeared again: when at idle my cpu usually idles and 599-499 mhz on all 4 cores, but one version...
  16. dcominottim

    HWiNFO64 v7.02-4430 has confusing & vastly different Nuvoton and ASUS EC readings for PCH temp from the ASUS Z590 Hero

    Hello, According to an old thread, it seems the PCH temp reading from Nuvoton shouldn't exist anymore because it's incorrect: Right now in the latest version, it shows 81C for the PCH, whereas the ASUS EC reading shows 65C.
  17. Z

    Possible wrong junction temp - GPU RTX EVGA ULTRA FTW3 3080

    Your EVGA is an ICX version/model that has additional sensors on PCB near some components. 1 near the GPU, 3 near some memory modules and 5 near some VR modules. As Martin said these temps are an approximation to the real on die values. So what you see on the regular sensors must be real. Keep...
  18. O

    Possible wrong junction temp - GPU RTX EVGA ULTRA FTW3 3080

    I have a rig of multiple brand new RTX 3080 graphics cards from different manufacturers (ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA). All cards are running around 88-94°c (junction temp) with good OC settings (not at max). The EVGA is running at 104-106°c constantly with lower OC settings. What makes me wonder...
  19. J

    v7.00-4400 waking NVIDIA dGPU everytime it goes into Power Save

    Using an Asus Zephyrus G15, 2021 edition, which has AMD iGPU and Nvidia dGPU, in Optimus configuration. Starting with version 7.00-4400, the dGPU is constantly woken up 1 second after entering Power Save mode. I have Wake disabled GPUs checked, Wake disabled GPUs (extended) unchecked, Poll...
  20. C

    HWiNFO v7.00 released

    bro please answer to me: for gpu mining,can i still use hwinfo for gpu monitoring(memory error or gpu temp)in non-commercial version without limitations?