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    Remote Monitoring

    I was wondering if you plan to add remote monitoring in the future? I did find two dated threads ( ( but they were more office orientated than a home user. A free version gives basic...
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    White Space when GPU is offline (Optimus)

    I am using HWiNFO 4.26-2020 and when my GTX 675M is offline in the sensors window, I get a large White space beneath the GPU as shown in this picture: [attachment=837] Here is the debug file in case you need it: [attachment=838] Is this behavior expected or not? Please note that within...
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    Additional Features

    I am just wondering if any of the following is possible to include in the Rainmeter Plugin: 1) S.M.A.R.T. Status for the HDD or SSD which can be either Good or Bad (assuming that this feature is implemented as suggested here). 2) It would be nice if the Summary view's data can be accessed...
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    Additional S.M.A.R.T Features

    First off, I really like the interface of your application and it contains nearly all the data about my system. However, I would like the following to be included: 1) S.M.A.R.T. Status -> By this, I mean the overall health of the disk which is Good or Bad. It would be nice since I was lucky...