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    Can HWinfo monitor how much power(watt) a laptop use?

    Hi, I wonder is there anyway that I can know how much power that my laptop use? I have Alienware 17R2, and my psu adapter is 240W. Is there a way I can know at the moment, how much power does CPU, GPU consume? It would be including monitor, RAM, fans,... I read somewhere and can find that...
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    Fan control with different speed?

    Hello Martin, I'm using Alienware 17 R2 2015. In Hwinfo fan control I can use only around 2500 rpm and 5200 rpm. When I leave the fan for my BIOS system to control, I saw it has other speed for the fan like 3000 rpm and 4000 rpm. I wonder is it possible to let Hwinfo control the fan speed like...
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    Hwinfo make my Laptop freezed

    I'm using Alienware 17 R2. I create two account in windows 8.1. In the first account eveything seems normal, but when I login to second account and start HWinfo it freezed my laptop immediately after I press Run. I must hard reset and create new Hwinfo folder so it will not hang my laptop...
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    Fan Speed not auto refresh in Sensor status

    Hi, This is my first time using Hwinfo, it's really awesome since the fan control custom auto options available and helping me with the heat, because the fan profile in the bios is bad, it always wait the heat come to nearly 70c and kick in. I see that when I close the Fan control panel...