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    My Disk writes too slow - why ?

    I am using and old 3 Gbp/s 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate + SP1 on a Desktop with several OLD 3 Gbp/s Disks, plus a NEW 6 Gbp/s Green 2000 GB drive from WDC which writes at less than half the speed of the 3 Gbp/s Disks. This 6 Gbp/s 2000 GB has a 100 GB partition at the beginning and can read at...
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    Is PCIe speed measured or hoped for ?

    The last item on the Sensor Status report is PCIe Link Speed 5.000 Gbps 5.000 Gbps 5.000 Gbps 5.000 Gbps I hope this means my motherboard not only supports but is running as PCI Express Base 2.0 specification. QUESTIONS :- Do you actually measure this 5 Gbps as present reality...