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    SDD and HDD

    Drive Controller: Host Controller: Drive Model: Drive Firmware Revision: Drive Serial Number: World Wide Name: Drive Capacity: Drive Capacity [MB]: Media Rotation Rate: Nominal Form Factor: ATA Major Version Supported: ATA Minor Version Supported: ATA Transport Version...
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    SDD and HDD

    all disk drive have same features i need a unique feature for SSD drive
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    SDD and HDD

    how i know if my laptop have one or more disk drive and what type of disk ( ssd / hdd / dvd ) note: i use vlookup in excel to collect data from many laptops
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    how know if computer have tow HDD/SSD

    i use vlookup to get hardware information from CSV file that exported by HWINFO but I need to know if the laptop if it have one or more HDD /SSD how I get that