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    Is the portable version really portable?

    The version 3.91 I used recently added hwinfo32.sys to startup services in Vista. I noticed that when the backup utility in Vista Ultimate detected my drive H as system disk (I'm saving portable applications on H .) I figured out this problem by disabling this service at startup and the...
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    USB Wireless Adapter not detected anymore

    I think there is a problem in latest versions. My wireless adapter is not recognized anymore. v.3.80 was showing my USB wireless adapter correctly, without any ethernet adapter on board. After this version of HWInfo32 the wireless adapter has disappeared. However two ethernet adapters on...
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    Font in v3.73

    I don't like the font in version 3.73. Somehow, the tool tires my eyes. I think it's a little troublesome to read. The older one was better for me.
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    Fan speed not detected on Nvidia cards?

    Hi, I recently updated my video driver to 196.75 WHQL (Nvidia 9600GT, Vista Ultimate SP2). I can't remember how it was before. But there is a temperature display only and nothing about GPU fan speed. Is this a common problem with Nvidia cards? Or is something broken with GPU fan after updating...