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    Fan Control Look-Up Table: Weird Tab order

    Seems that Temperature 2 was inserted later. Should be incluced in normal tabbing between fields.
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    Unable to identify version number

    If "Minimize Main Windown on Start up" is checked, it is not possible to identify the version number. Could be replicated on the main config screen. Also: Configuration in Tray has different screen then Configuration on Sensor screen. Would like to have to buttons on Sensor screen, as this...
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    Fan Control looses settings

    Fan Control is set to Custom Auto with individual settings. Click on "System Auto" will enable system default behavior. Click on "Custom Auto" will give empty settings. Old settings should remain. Closing Screen and clicking fan icon will again activate stored individual settings...
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    Respin Period - No effect

    I could not notice any effect. What should it do? What I would like is: Say I have a setting of 10000 ms. a) If Upspin is necessary, at least spin for 10000 ms, so cooling can actually take place. b) After downspin, at least do not spin up for 10000 ms, but take spin up if temperature...
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    Crash on Respin Period Setting

    On the fan control dialog one can set the Respin Period. If you mark the whole number and start typing "1", the program checks the entry after first number, gives an error message and then crashes. Thus it is not possible to type in a new value from scratch. Check should be performed on...
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    Crash on Hibernation from Standby

    Hi, my Dell Vostro goes into standby for a while, then into hibernation. This is when the program crashes. Windows Error Log only shows this: HWiNFO64.EXE 51c97393 HWiNFO64.EXE 51c97393 c0000005 00000000000766b0 944...
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    Custom Fan Control not starting on program start

    Hi, I use the Custom Fan Control feature which works fine on my Dell Vostro. I start HWINFO64 (416) using the task planner. However, I need to click the Fan Control Icon once manually to start the Fan Control. Would be nice if it kicks in automatically. Thanks for your time.