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    hwinfo64a_163.sys being flagged by anti virus tools.

    appdata\local\temp\hwinfo64a_163.sys. Some anti virus tools are flagging this as a threat. Does Martin know anything about this?
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    IMPORTANT Core frequency reading in Windows 11

    I'm getting some odd looking core frequency readings with the current HWiNFO in Win 11. Is Win 11 supported yet? Screenshot attached.
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    Disk read - Read Total

    Is Read Total supposed to reset when the timer is reset? Mine are not.
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    RTSS OSD no longer working

    Since hooking some HWiNFO values into the RTSS OSD the MSI Afterburner values are no longer showing, only the HWiNFO values are showing. I had this happen once before a long time ago and can't remember how to fix it.
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    Core limit reasons missing.

    I'm missing Core limit reasons in ver 7.03-4450
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    Is there some sort of guide on how to set this gadget up? I have no idea. :confused:
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    Z590 PCH temp

    I'm getting a PCH temp of 74-80C on the Asus Maximus XIII Hero motherboard. EC sensors reports PCH 60C. Does @Martin know anything about Z590 PCH temps? The BIOS reports the higher 74-80C temp...
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    10900K - core 7 missing

    I've just installed a 10900K and noticed core 7 is missing in HWiNFO. :confused:
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    Controlled Folder Access - Memory

    When Controlled Folder Access says that HWiNFO was blocked from accessing memory what does that mean?
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    Incorrect PCIe link speed reading?

    HWiNFO is showing the maximum PCIe link speed for my 2080 Ti as 2.5 GT/s, the maximum should normally be 8 GT/s. The card is pulling it's normal maximum of 350W. Is this an incorrect reading from HWiNFO?
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    Dark mode.

    I feel quite dumb but how do you enable dark mode? I can't find a setting. I have the latest beta installed. Also is it possible to enable dark mode in HWiNFO without enabling dark mode globally in Windows?
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    Stuttering in games.

    Is there anything particular being monitored in HWiNFO known to cause stuttering in games? I've narrowed my stutters in the game Division 2 down to what I think is HWiNFO or the OSD RTSS plugin causing them. The game runs stutter free without HWiNFO running. I don't think it's been this bad...
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    HWiNFO keeps auto starting itself.

    When I close HWiNFO it restarts itself (to the small box with Run/Settings). If I close off the small box it instantly pops open again. Sometimes on system reboots it's auto starting itself in this fashion as well. Is this a bug?
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    Show CPU threads?

    Is it possible to show the CPU's threads in the CPU section next to core frequency's?
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    NVMe not showing in sensors.

    I've got an Adata NVMe. It's showing in the HWiNFO summary but I can't find it anywhere in sensors.
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    Latest iCUE 3.25 + Commander Pro issue.

    I have a fresh install of Windows 10 1909 and the latest iCUE 3.25 released just days ago. Running HWiNFO 6.22 is causing the Commander Pro disappear from iCUE. Commander Pro monitoring is disabled in HWiNFO but the issue persists. I don't recall having Commander Pro monitoring in HWiNFO for a...
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    2080 Ti FTW3 voltage/current/power readings remain static.

    I'm not getting any changes from the voltage, current and power readings for my 2080 Ti FTW GPU. Min, max and average stay reading the current readings. I'm using the latest beta 6.21 4055...
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    Asus Maximus XI Hero VRM sensor?

    Just wondering if anybody know's whether the XI Hero has a VRM sensor that's readable in HWiNFO?
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    HWiNFO and Corsair Commander Pro.

    Have just installed a Corsair Commander Pro. It seems that if HWiNFO monitors the C-Pro it makes it go haywire, fans start ramping, incorrect values and fans disappearing from Corsair iCUE software panel. So I disabled monitoring of C-Pro in HWiNFO but it appears there is still some conflict...
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    Package power reading?

    What gives the most accurate CPU package power reading in HWiNFO? The CPU sensors give me a higher power draw reading than the Asus EC sensors CPU power reading.