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  1. desgen

    Latest CPU vulnerability discussion

    I was wondering what this community thought of the latest security vulnerability, especially with Intel (but apparently effects many others). Source link, probably the most informative one that actually tells you what it means for literally every computer...
  2. desgen

    Include valid license? [Suggestion]

    I've noticed there's not any documentation that I can find on licensing in this product. I propose the suggestion of adding a License.txt to secure any legal or copyright issues. The most you can find on restrictions/permissions is: HWiNFO32 is FREEWARE and free distributable as-is. Any...
  3. desgen

    Question on config portability

    I'm having trouble finding out how the settings work in terms of portability. A lot of the more useful settings are added via registry, not by the .ini file. For example, if I wanted to customize settings to get alert notifications on other computers other than mine, I'd have to import the...
  4. desgen

    Suggestion: Auto log at launch

    I'd like to see the ability to start logging on after launching hwinfo, that'd be greatly appreciated. I have trouble with AutoHotkey doing the auto-logging hotkey sometimes, removing having to send the hotkey with autohotkey automatically would make it so much easier and reliable. Here's an...
  5. desgen

    Fully Automated Hwinfo Logging + Stress Testing Script + Uploader

    This is a compiled script written in AHK  Features: Fully automated launching and logging of hwinfo, running of stress testing (Furmark and Prime95), and uploading of the log file to a website, then copying that link to the users clipboard. Fully portable and disposable, no installation...