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  1. nero

    HWINFO Graphs Appearance Difference - Some w/ left side panel and Some w/o

    Please check the attachment. How do I make the graphs look the same. Also, anyway to save them to the same location or put them in some sort of constant window? Thanks, T
  2. nero

    Used for monitoring a few machines but how to get summery easily

    Hello: So, I have been using the app to monitor 2 PCs locally and everything works great. However, another function that I find very useful is system summery and hardware information. Instead of using another app or having to change all the settings of hw sensor startup and launch on windows...
  3. nero

    Remote Monitoring suddenly has stopped

    Just upgraded to the latest version v7.00-4400 and it seems that remote monitoring that I was using before stopped. Simple 2 machine set up? One server and sending its data to the other. Both machines are the same version of HWINFO. I even went ahead and bought a license for the personal copy...
  4. nero

    Graph Identification

    Hello: I am monitoring 2 machines and would like to use the graphing functionality to make sure everything is running well. Have been able to connect both and one is the display for the other and may eventually add a 3rd. My biggest issue is that graphs as good as they are; I cannot tell...
  5. nero

    Looking for solution...

    Hello all: I am new to this forum and becoming more in-depth knowledge about HW-INFO64. I have used it for a while and it is an amazing piece of software. Thank you to those who creating it. I am looking for a solution that would allow users to upload XML files via a form to a website and...