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    Unit "Yes/No" shows up in OSD as "Yes Yes/No" or "No Yes/No"

    This concerns HWinfo 5.56-3230, and any metric that uses the "Yes/No" units. When using the OSD tied into Rivatuner, my statistic that shows whether my UPS is on battery power or is running from the wall always shows either: Yes Yes/No No Yes/No I rolled back to an older version to see if...
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    Suggestion: Expanding Hidden Entries

    I like the idea of how hidden entries were relocated some time ago, but when you have a ton of them, viewing it from a forced 2.3 row design is a bit tedious. I suggest either expanding that table, or even giving it its own tab (not preferable). Or to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, make the...
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    Works like a charm. Thanks! Due to the use of SSDs in my system, I have prefetch/superfetch disabled (includes boot drive which is also an SSD); so the file in question doesn't exist. The only files there that do exist date back to before I disabled it. Maybe the next time it happens I'll...
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    To expand on this, is there a way to expand the number of decimals to at least 2? I actually meant to ask this awhile ago, but for some reason even with: 1) Editing line 182 in shared.js 2) Actual / Factor = 1024 _ GB [For specific entry in gadget] 3) Exiting the actual gadget and...
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    No Monitors in HWiNFOMonitor

    No it was not listed. Suddenly this morning it just started to work before I tried your method (even though I did multiple restarts with installs last night) I guess the problem solved itself. Thanks though.
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    No Monitors in HWiNFOMonitor

    Hi, I just reformatted my system. I installed everything as usual. "ERROR HWiNFO hardware monitor data not found" Appears on the gadget. HWiNFO was configured by the following: General / UI - Display sensors on startup - Min. main window startup - Min. sensors on startup - Remember...
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    Background Tray Color

    Is it at all possible to remove the background tray color and to change the font color as well? The forced background color sort of kills the look of my tray bar since everything else is no background lol Loving HWiNFO by the way. Needed something to watch the CPU ingame with Afterburner with...