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  1. stasio


    Hi Martin, some voltages ,fans is missing in sensor page (as in AIDA64 also). Dbg file,pic attached. OC board is using IR3553, and IR3563B and 6 fans. Let me know anything else you need. Strange is that of thousands OC board users ( a month+) nobody ask to adjust your and Miklos application...
  2. stasio


    Hi Martin, just testing Z77X-D3H and notice that sensor reading are wrong. report attached, rgs
  3. stasio

    Win 8 Build 7989

    Hi Martin, as posted on XS forum,running on Win 8 Build 7989,can you correct OS info. Please,find attached Log file. It's on HWiNFO32 and same will be for HWiNFO64. Thanks.