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    Import SSD/HDD power on hours

    [attachment=3464] The power-on hours and power-on resets are not available on the Sensors windows. As such they cannot be imported to Rainmeter using info provided by the Shared Memory Viewer plugin. Is there a way to import the said device statistics to Rainmeter? If not, any plans to...
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    Beta 5.7.3350, some missing sensors

    I updated to beta 3350, and I noticed there were some sensors missing from the previous build. Before 3350. [attachment=2706] After 3350. [attachment=2707] The sensors are PCH and T_Sensor 1 on my Asus Maximus IX Code motherboard. I am not sure if there are more missing. Attached...
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    SSD/HDD power-on hours

    I've recently used CrystalDiskInfo to check the health of my hard drives, and I noticed some information showing Power On Count and Power On Hours. Is there a setting (apart from the default settings) in HWI's settings dialog box that I can activate to show this info? I understand that in...
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    GPU Power and % of TDP

    The "Total GPU Power (normalized) [% of TDP]" nor "Total GPU Power [% of TDP]" readings never exceeds 100%, when I think they should. The TDP of the GPU is 150W. For example, the reading of "GPU Power" is 213.809W and the % of TDP is 93.8% and 96.5% for normalized. Shouldn't the % of...
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    3TB HDD and HWiNFO question

    I have been using the HWiNFO plugin with Rainmeter for close to 3 years for one thing to monitor mt SSD/HHDs in my system, with no problems. I am perfectly happy with HWiNFO and Rainmeter. All in all, I have 1SSD and 5 HDDs, all with less than 2TB capacities. I replaced a 2TB HDD with a...
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    fan cable splitter, would it be a problem?

    If I use a fan splitter cable for two similar fans connected to one motherboard fan header, would it be a problem for HWInfo? I mean, the fans will be running at the same speed (I guess?), but will HWInfo be confused which of the two fans it will get the fan RPM from? For example, one of the...