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    WHEA - Internal parity error (while playing COD cold war) With stock settings and never got any WHEA errors at this settings.

    I start saying that Im running HWInfo64 in the background always, and at the time of the WHEA was using the v6.42-4360 I saw some post about that maybe the version of HWInfo that Im using is causing some WHEA errors, but most of the people they use AMD im using Nvidia + Intel so dont know if is...
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    VR VCC Temperature (SVID) sometimes is does not show up, sometimes it does.

    Want to report that the value VR VCC Temperature (SVID) on Asus TUF GAMING Z490-Plus Wifi, when opening the HWinfo64 sometimes it dosent show up, like I need to close and launch again, sometimes I need to re-launch like 3 or 4 times until I got this value showed up. So I tried to reproduce the...
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    ASUS TUF Z490 Gaming Plus (VRM temp)

    Im looking for the VRM temperature for ASUS TUF Z490 Gaming Plus Those are the only temps that I have on the HWinfo64 v6.33-4280 It may be the VR VCC ? I mean I dont know cuz is very low temp for OCCT small pack that I just tested, before I had a MAG Tomahawk and same conditions I had like...