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    Unable to download - redirected

    When I try to update my HWiNFO64, after I click download I get a page that wants to download an unzipper (which I don't need) or something for safe browsing (which I don't need, being well-protected) or MyPony (which is dubious and unwanted). How do I get a download without any unwanted stuff...
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    HWInfo32 3.55-815 bogus GPU fan speed?

    Just updated. I see a new item 'GPU FAN Speed' in Sensors. I'm not sure whether the sensor exists, but I'm puzzled by 80% reading. 80% of what? Also - trivial - you mean 'Fan' not 'FAN' I think.
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    Rev 3.50 is beautiful

    3.50 is great. I love having the graphs. But there might be a problem? I left 3 graphs running and at some point HWiNFO32 stopped working and had to close (I didn't notice until later). Graphs were grayed out. I think the graphs were running for a few hours. I see that it is possible to...
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    How does one enable the Sidebar?

    How does one enable the Sidebar?
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    Weird comparison HWiNFO32 and CPUID Hardware Monitor sensors

    Your Temperature 2 and Temperature 3 seem to correspond to the two CPUID readings for the Radeon HD 4350. The CPUID readings are clearly wrong, with a negative minimum. All four of those numbers, two from you and two from CPUID, have max numbers that seem insanely high. The PC would have been...
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    Changing icon names doesn't get saved - very minor bug

    Thanks for nifty program. I installed it mostly for system tray icons. I renamed Temperature 1, 2, and 3 to CPU 1, 2, and 3, and the new names appeared in the tool tips for the icons in system tray. Then I realized that there is really only one CPU temperature, CPU 0. I renamed the other...