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    Not displaying BIOS/motherboard

    Motherboard: ASRock X370 Taichi BIOS: L4.64 (04/03/2018) HWiNFO64 v5.83-3430
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    Crash after closing HWiNFO64 on Windows 8.1

    OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM I tried the earlier versions and the most recent 423_1990. Everything works fine until I close the program and that's when it gives me a message saying, "HWiNFO64 Program has stopped working..."
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    Incorrect 875k BCLK/Multiplier and RAM speed

    First of all, I want to give a big thanks to you Martin for all of your hard work. :D I noticed that while it displays the correct CPU speed, the BCLK and multiplier are wrong. See CPU-Z screenshot for the correct specs. Looks like an issue with the unlocked multiplier.