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  1. ICit2lol

    Sensor - voltage readings

    I have a query re the voltages within a laptop. Now I use the program quite a bit for searching for component details and the Sensor settings for finding the voltages on desktop machines that I have queries about and find the readout very useful.  However when it comes to voltages within a...
  2. ICit2lol

    Query re loading HW Info

    I don't know if I have mentioned it before but just lately I have noticed that when I open HW Info and then minimise it for any reason the program shuts down completely.  Is there a way to keep it running because once that happens I usually have to reboot my machines to get HW to open again -...
  3. ICit2lol

    Re the Sensors

    Now I am on a well known forum for Windows 7 and I tell them that the HW Info is the program to use to get detailed info on components. I don't want to sound critical but several of my friends have asked why the update window keeps popping up  and more importantly one is concerned that HW Info...
  4. ICit2lol

    Query re power sensors

    I use the Sensors when asking for peoples PSU info and find they come through with some really good info but I am finding it hard to sort through the readings that I get for laptops as the info is really limited to what volts and capacity of charge in each cell is. Is there another section I...
  5. ICit2lol


    I am a real fan of this program and have a few dumb queries to ask. First I always get "there is an update" message when opening the program and it is really nothing to close it but why does it happen because when oen clicks on it there is nothing to update?. Not being a computer whizz either...