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  1. damian5000

    RAM speed fluctuating big time. Is this normal?

    I've tested both slots and different sticks and both show the same result in HWINFO64, that the RAM is going back and forth/fluctuating between 1064Mhz and 665Mhz. CPU-Z also shows latency changing respectively between 15-15-15-35 and 10-10-10-28. Is this at all normal? The notebook is Dell...
  2. damian5000

    SATA I or II detection?

    I've read an old thread (2012) saying it's not possible to show the rate at which the computer is capable of (SATA I/SATA II), but only what the drive is capable of. In the detailed information, there's nothing but info for the drive. There is however this: SATA 3Gb/s @ 1.5Gb/s. Does that...