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    GPU computing RTSS bug

    Hello Martin, just trying to monitoring GPU over in game OSD, but then i noticed it keep droping to 0% when inside game, but then looking at Task manager it keep up to 15-20% always.
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    Intel ASIC encoder/decoder usage(VID)

    Hey Martin, i noticed than MSI Afterburner display two percentage values to Intel integrated GPU. One is iGPU load and the second one is supposed to be the ASIC video encoder/decoder load. In Afterburner Unwinder named it "VID" which can be confused with voltage stats but it shows a percentage...
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    Portable version writes 120MB per minute to disk

    So sometime ago i started paying attention to it, the portable version is writing too much data to disk 1GB+ in 10 minutes. So i decided to test installer version and it cause no disk writes at all while running. Is portable version to work like that?
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    Hwinfo updates cause I2C issues to AMD(Hawaii)

    Hello. So i was using some previous version like 5.35 i think and updated to two latest ones 5.37 then 5.39. After this updates I2C started causing system crashes which appear in form of Black Screen of Death while browsing or playing video. I know it was GPU related because i fighting these...
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    AMD GPU load doubt

    Hello Martin. Afterburner in default use official AMD GPU load reader which display inconsistent fluctuation usage going from 0 to 100% everytime while game performance is perfect fine, which give impression to be GPU monitor imprecision. This looks some problem in AMD own GPU reader, but...
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    Task manager CPU

    Hello Martin, i only wanted to make a question not necessarily to HWinfo but i find than Total CPU usage from Windows Task manager differ from 3rd party monitors like hwinfo, afterburner, process hacker. While most of these softwares show some total cpu usage very close with marginal difference...
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    AMD HW Encoder

    Hello, it's me again. While i was using Nvidia GPU there was a lot of nice information, one of them was their built-in encoder utilization. I was wondering if for GCN Cards which supposedly has HW encoder too there's no way to verify it utilization? Thanks.
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    Drive total data

    Hello, i was thinking if there is possible to add such feature to record acumulated data disk read and write in a session, like total data read from the disk since hwinfo started till the present. Can i find something like this?
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    GPU dynamic memory

    Hello, i was monitoring gpu dynamic memory in Hwinfo64 and with Aida64 during gameplay, this gpu dynamic memory is supposed to be the system memory shared to GPU right?   I'm just curious with new games which use lot of Vram and my card got only 2gb, and the results using same game Assassins...
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    Page file read

    Something i was missing in hwinfo is pagefile read like Aida64 does since i have win 8.1 and cant see this values outside from aida64 in system, hwinfo actually only reads virtual memory(which aida64 call swap file) and aida yet read separately virtual memory and page file. Is only a sugestion...