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    H110i GTX Issues

    So I read another thread on here about how the Corsair Link Software doesn't play nice with HWiNFO. If I disable Corsair Link but leave the USB plugged in, the fans still spin up to 50% power even though there is no software running that should change it. This does not happen when the USB is not...
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    HWiNFO Sluggish

    Today I installed a new ASUS motherboard and HWiNFO detected this. It warned me that I could get slow readings by reading from the new EC? sensor it was detecting and I stupidly ignored that and enabled the option. Now I am unsure how to disable this option as it has caused my HWiNFO to act slow...
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    Incorrect CPU usage numbers in 5.00

    Attached is a gif of my HWiNFO sensors screen compared to MSI afterburner on the left, and the Windows performance monitor on the right. The usage of the CPU is being incorrectly reported by the sensors. Relevant system info: Intel i5 3570K. GTX 970G1. SSD 120GB C drive. HDD 1TB E Drive. 16GB...
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    Rainmeter Plugin Cannot Connect to Hwinfo

    Hello, this looked like the right place to post about my issue. I want to use hwinfo to set up a rainmeter skin on my new installation of Windows 10 (because they removed gadgets :@ ) and for some reason the plugin is not able to see that hwinfo is running. Here is the specific error I get in...