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  1. Jayson Hans Bourne

    Memory leak?

    Hi Martin I do not need you to fix anything for me at this point, since I am not planning to use HWiNFO at this time. I just installed it to test something. I did however notice something. I included here a screenshot with some explanations. That is all I can do for now. If it only serves...
  2. Jayson Hans Bourne

    HDD problem...

    Hi Martin I recently bought a Seagate IRONWOLF 6TB HDD, and as soon as your monitoring software starts this drive keeps making clicking and all sorts of other sounds. It stops immediately when I close your app. What could the problem be? Kind Regards Jayson
  3. Jayson Hans Bourne

    My thoughtS on this software

    Hi WOW! I've used and am using a lot of this kind of software (like HWMonitor, MSI AfterBurner, CPUID, etc. to name a few), but your software, now your software made me sit up and take note. That being said I am not without suggestions, so I will proceed to supply these suggestions in the...