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    Manual for download?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to get a greater description what ReSpin period does when checked in fan settings.... Also... Is there a Manual I can download and read?
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    Set a timer in Fan window, locks up

    In fan settings there is a timer setting in lower left corner of that window... I played with it...  Inadvertently put in 9 which causes error... But it effectively locks up system because there isn't a way of putting in number above 100 before error window pops up again..... I halted...
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    2nd Post-- THANK YOU!

    So after getting fan over-ride to work, (Dell XPS 1702x) I encountered an issue where videos and audio would halt and buzz at intermittent times... It was easy enough to determine if HWInfo was halted, problem went away..... but I wanted the benefits of fan control... that HWInfo gave... Instead...
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    First Post: Fan Control

    Hello... First post... Dell XPS 17" 702x laptop.  W7-64.  Running latest 64 bit HWInfo. I have a few questions after a few hours of experimenting.... I've got HWinfo set to start on login, but it's not starting minimized, but maximized. My intent is to start with the fan speed at 2800 as a...