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    Asus and WMI issue

    Hello guys, I have never experienced a problem with the Asus WMI and yesterday out of no where some sensors started reporting very rarely(CPU fans, Dram Voltage, CPU VRM Tremp, CPU Core Voltage, etc.). Here is an example next to the voltage graph. CPU fan reports form time to time: and the...
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    Graphs Question

    Hello guys, I am using like 32 graphs full time on one of my monitors (yeah I know it is a lot, but I need them all... otherwise I feel blind :)). I was wondering is there an option to do something like that below - show the current value of the graph: From this: To this:
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    Guide: How to change Graph Background Color

    First of all I apologies if I am stepping over somekind of forum policy that I have missed! :: My problem: I have been using HWInfo on my second monitor constantly, in order to check on my PC performance (especially when gaming). So I use graphs a lot and that blueish background color is just...
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    Dark Theme / WB Direct Skin

    Hello, I know the question about a dark skin(color customization) has been raise numerations times and I am also aware that this is not a easy thing to implement. Yet... is the Window Blinds Direct Skin a valuable option?