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    Generate a HWINFO64 Report

    Hi Martin, Please can you provide some simple instructions on how to generate a HWINFO64 report? I have changed my settings, see screenshot, and I believe this may be stopping me from generating a report as I do not see any option to generate or save a report. Please advise, thank you.
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    Vega 64 Temperatures Stopped Working

    Hi Martin, Several of my Vega 64 temperature sensors have stopped working, do you know why? I have tried: A different vega gpu a different version of hwinfo64 a clean driver install deleting my hwinfo config file enabling amd adl Everything worked last night afaik.
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    HWINFO64 Wrong Order of GPUs

    HWINFO64 latest beta build is reporting the wrong order of my GPUs. GPU1 is sitting in the first PCI-E slot and GPU0 is sitting in the second.  I have tried disabling Reorder GPUs, but nothing changes. Can you help? Thanks.
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    Vega 64 AIO

    Hi, Bug report, latest HWINFO64 Builds.  If you do not disable VRM monitoring, there are frequency 2 second pauses while gaming which cause nasty stuttering.  In addition, if you do not disable Core voltage monitoring (which is not reading the correct values) you get pauses while...
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    Ever Increasing System Memory Usage

    Using the latest Beta of HWINFO64 and the memory usage of the app keeps climbing and climbing. The other day i found it using near 4GB of system memory and it just keeps climbing and climbing.  I have checked all my settings and to the best of my knowledge, there are no logging options...