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    Core 3 T0/T1 Effective Clock fields become empty randomly.

    I am not sure if this happens only to me or not, but it keeps happening. Is this a bug? Once they become empty, they never be updated again on their own. I have to restart the application to see the values for those fields again. Version 6.14-3980.
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    Support for pci.ids/usb.ids

    I wrote you an email a few years ago but you never replied, so I'm going to ask you here on these forums. It would be great if HWiNFO64 supported pci.ids/usb.ids files and showed all the PCI and USB devices connected to the PC even when Windows itself doesn't identify them (that's quite a...
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    Simple questions about CPU/GPU power/temperature

    Q1. (A)Tctl/Tdie, (B)Tdie, (C)Motherboard CPU. A seems always higher than B, and C seems to be closer to A. It's a ZEN 2. What CPU temperature am I supposed to use, A? Q2. (A)CPU package power (SMU), (B)CPU Core Power (SVI2 FTN). What is the TOTAL power consumption of my CPU, A+B? Q3. (A)GPU...