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    Missing Sensors v5.79.3390

    Bunch of sensors not showing up. Have custom names. I cleared the sensor cache and tried again, but same results. Attached pictures of the missing...
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    Missing EVGA GPU ICX in in latest version(s)

    Hi Martin, It's the ICX special info, and includes the extra 9 sensors and both gpu fan readings. I'm not sure when this stopped, but it was some recent version ago. I set things back to stock (bummer, lost many of my customizations) but I do have a .reg file I can try loading again. I...
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    HWinfo - 5.56-3230 Turns of Corsair PSU Fan!!

    I'm running Corsair Link4 to power up the PSU fan during summer. It's hot here in SoCal. Each time HWinfo starts it turns off the PSU fan if it's been running. Corsair Link 4 - HWinfo 5.56.3230 PS: As a rant, why don't EVGA and Corsair do the right thing and allow us to set fan...