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    Hyper-threading cores not showing for I7/7700K

    1) It seems that only the physical cores are being shown when hyper-threading on an Intel I7/7700K (Kaby Lake). 2) It seems that the tjmax values for current & minimum seem to be transposed. The report file was not created.
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    Remmaing life not display correctly in sensor data for Samsung 840 Pro SSDs

    In comparing the s.m.a.r.t, values (sensor panel) for SSD devices against another reporting application (SIV64X), there seems to be an incorrect value for remaining life stated in this application for Samsung 840 Pro Series SSDs.  For example, SIV64X is reporting 12 bad blocks/86% remaining...
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    SSD/HDD sensor data are not grouped together as expected

    I have noticed that the sensor data for SSDs/HDDs are not grouped together and is spread through out the application. This occurs not only when the application is reporting with just the sensors only, but also when requesting the full reporting. It is very time consuming to search the entire...
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    HWinfo64 v4.12-1850 reporting incorrect values

    The current version is not reporting the memory size for a GTX460SE. Report is attached.