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  1. rmmccoy

    Error rendering monitor

    For about two weeks my HWiNFO gadget has not been working. I've tried to backtrack anything I might have changed but I am lost. The HWiNFO program appears to execute properly but when I save the settings (if applicable) all that appears in the gadget is ERROR Error rendering monitor virtual...
  2. rmmccoy

    cannot install the HWiNFOdriver

    Was having some issues with the gadget (Win7) and tried to uninstall the hardware monitor and then reinstall. System tells me it cannot install the driver, and to check rights and possible antivirus filters. My user should have administrator rights. Thoughts?   :huh:
  3. rmmccoy

    MB to GB

    Thank you so very much. I used to be in the computer industry but I developed some mental disorders to the point that I am disabled. The industry has moved on without me having any chance of trying to keep up so the "problems" that I used to be able to figure out are all beyond me now. It is...
  4. rmmccoy

    MB to GB

    I know there is a way to do this for I stumbled onto something that looked like the answer the other day but now I can't find it for love nor money! In the fields for total UP or total DL I want to be able to change MB to GB! If the system ever does anything with HD space then GB's would...