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  1. Sacco_Belmonte

    Report: RTX3090 some "D3D usages" are not working.

    The "D3D usages" seem to work partially. For instance the "Encoder 0 usage" and the "VR usage" always stay at zero. I think the decoder usage is also confused and showing values that don't correspond to what the windows task manager says. As always, great job!!!!!!
  2. Sacco_Belmonte

    Latest two HWInfo versions taking long to load (related to RAM temp)

    Hi :) I noticed, in the last two versions HWInfo seems to struggle to detect my TridentZ Neo RAM sticks. When that happens HWinfo takes about 20s to open and when it does the RAM sticks are no present in the list. It would be obviously good to either fix this, or to be able to bypass RAM...
  3. Sacco_Belmonte

    Rainmeter / HWinfo readings don't match.

    They're off by a bit between each other. How can I make them display the exact same values at any give time? HWInfo and my Rainmeter skin both update at 1500ms TIA!
  4. Sacco_Belmonte

    Custom layout is increasingly buggy / hard to maintain.

    I experienced things like: - Some meter turning on only if another meter is turned on. (stack confusion in HWInfo) - My layout being disrupted when something else shows up (new device) - Therefore I needed to rebuild my custom layout many times over in the last month. Question: Can we have...
  5. Sacco_Belmonte

    Polling set to 2000ms - Values in Rainmeter change each 500ms

    So I have a bunch of values from HWinfo being read by Rainmeter. HWinfo's sensor polling is set to 2000ms, however I can see in Rainmeter, values are changing about each 500ms. I saw that my rainmeter skin polls each 400ms (which seems in line to the timing I see) so....where are the changing...
  6. Sacco_Belmonte

    Any advice to minimize CPU usage?

    Other than "sensors only", no logging, 1000ms polling rate, "Others" is disabled and I have only 7 items currently being monitored. Most items are hidden too. CPU usage goes from 0.5% to 1.5%...can I get it lower, closer to the usage of Coretemp which is near zero? OC'd 3900X in a X470 Taichi...
  7. Sacco_Belmonte

    Ryzen - Socket measure vs HWInfo

    Hi. I've measured vcore from my Prime X370 Pro, my readings are as following: Say you have 1.412v LLC3 and under load it becomes 1.418v (vboost) in the multimeter but HW info shows 1.38v (vdroop) My question is: Is this still accurate in HWInfo and the actual vcore going into the...