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  1. t0yz

    Potential misreporting of Samsung SSDs R/W rates

    Hello, Thanks for the new Beta. Noticed some weird readings for my 2 Samsung SSDs, an older 850 Evo and a 970 Evo Plus. Haven't seen this in older versions of HWinfo, I am quite sure. I'm attaching a screenshot and the report/debug. Thanks a lot!
  2. t0yz

    GPU Power sensor spikes/flawed reporting?

    Hello, I'm reluctant to report this as a Hwinfo bug, I understand that it might be caused by a number of things. In short, I've noticed yesterday that my 1070ti spiked quite high with its 100% Power Limit in place (i.e. 180W, it was never exact, but the spikes would never be above 192W, and...
  3. t0yz

    "Favored Cores List" - what is it?

    Hello there, Does anyone know what exactly this change log entry is: Added reporting of Favored Cores List for Intel CPUs. And where is it found, or for which Intel CPUs is it available? @Martin, if you have the time, any details please? Thanks a lot.
  4. t0yz

    Sensor values for MSI Z370 Gaming Plus

    Hello, First, thanks for the great application! Second, there might be some issues with this board and the readings from the Nuvoton NCT6795D chip. One by one: - there are 2 CPU readings; I don't think this was always the case. - the 2nd CPU reading seems to be identical with CPU...