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  1. Z

    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    What was the CPU PPT when you're seeing the ~80% PRD during the CPU 100% load? Its important because the true power consumption is calculated by CPU PPT and PRD as I wrote in post #505. 80°C is not that bad for a 140W(PPT) CPU. Max operating temp of 3000series is 95°C. Depends a lot on CPU...
  2. Polygon

    3900X/Asus B550-E Power Reporting Deviation Issue

    I know there is an entire thread on this, and I read through it, but being older I don't think my reply is going to get any response. I perfectly understand the issue. What I don't understand is how to resolve it. While I'm not really concerned about the longevity of the CPU, I am concerned...
  3. Polygon

    Explaining the AMD Ryzen "Power Reporting Deviation" -metric in HWiNFO

    I know this is an older thread, and I perfectly understand the issue. What I don't understand is how to resolve it. While I'm not really concerned about the longevity of the CPU, I am concerned about the temp. This is my file/media server that runs 14x7 and also does encoding/transcoding. It's...
  4. P

    New to HWINFO and pc builds - need some help understanding the logs.

    Hello Everyone. I know this question has been asked many times in the past on this forum, however, I found the answers to be very specific to the issue of those posts (which is normal). I have recently built my first sff pc and as far as I can tell it works (so far). I heard that it is a good...
  5. S

    Compatible hardware for temperature monitoring

    I usually buy high end Asus boards and I gave up on their fan and RGB control years ago. I moved onto Corsair Link, then using Corsair controllers under SIV control, then finally to Aquasuite. There is no going back. It bugs me that the higher end boards have a bunch of PWM fan ports, pump port...
  6. A

    Is my CPU okay?

    I'm running on a laptop ASUS TUF FX505DT. CPU: Ryzen 7 3750H, GPU: GTX 1650 4gb gddr5, 16gb ram, external display(monitor) connected to the GPU. When I'm gaming I have no issues. I don't have drops in performance or anything really but I notice my CPU reaches max temps around 100 degrees...
  7. T

    Report of High CPU Soc Power Causes Q code 00 on Motherboard

    Hello. I have been experiencing Post code 00, not on boot but during I use my computer for 45-60 mins. When this happens, a long-press of the power button wont turn off the system unless PSU is switched off. Motherboard is Asus Crosshair VIII Dark Hero and Processor is Ryzen 9 5900x. It also...
  8. S

    "Temp9" giving funny readings

    I originally posted my thread in the off topic section but I just realized that section doesn't look like it gets too much traffic, so figured I'd post here instead. Admins feel free to delete my other thread. Anyway, I've been monitoring temps on a new build and have a question. I'm using a...
  9. S

    Unsure of temp sensor reading (Temp9)

    Hello, I've been monitoring temps on a new build and have a question. I'm using a Strix B550-F board and on occasion have a sensor labeled as "Temp9" reading as high as 115 *C. Normally it seems to mimic "Motherboard" temp, until it spikes up to the 90-100 *C area randomly (though "Motherboard"...
  10. B

    GPU - Thermal Throttling or Not?

    New Build (2 week old): - 12900K - ASUS ROG STRIX OC RTX 3070TI In HWinfo “GPU / Thermal Limit / Maximum - Yes” does this mean that my gpu is thermal throttling? How is this possible if the max gpu temperatures reached was only 68C while gaming and my cpu was normal aswell. I noticed the issue...
  11. B

    IMPORTANT CPU Core Temperature Measuring - Facts & Fictions

    See image of a comparison between CPU temp reported by HWInfo (NICE utility, BTW!) and CPU temp reported by the software that was provided for that mother board (ASUS Gryphon with 4th generation i7). This was taken at near steady-state (idle) - see graph. Looks like HWInfo's temperature...
  12. T

    CPU Die Reading 115C?

    I have ran Cinebench R20 single thread for 1 hour. Was not able to monitor the whole process as I need to do other things. Then after coming back for 1 hour I saw CPU die MAX temp did reach 115C while CPU CCD1, CCD2, CPU IOD Hotspot, CPU IOD Average was all below 80C. Also No thermal Throttling...
  13. Alix

    Dell EC Temp5 hitting 100 degree

    I had the same question. N5110 i7 , I was thinking that it would be one of the chips around the CPU (because originally one of them had no thermal pad to transfer the temp to the sink). I have renewed the thermal grease regularly during this 10 or 11 years but recently it was not efficient, I...
  14. R

    Hwinfo 7.06 and all pervious version i tried not showing vrm value especially power value on asus hd7970 dcu2

    Hwinfo 7.06 and all pervious version not showing vrm value especially power value and vrm temp on asus hd7970 dcu2 gpu, in aida64 program it show no problem, note that aida64 "gpu core" and "gpu vrm" is different, "gpu core" show vid command signal voltage where "gpu vrm" show realtime sensor...
  15. Z

    Temp 9 question

    Yes it could be an error or it could be another Tj max distance of some other part of the CPU. Other than the actual cores I mean. Thats why on idle its similar to cores Tj max and under load its different. Of course this is just a thought. Even if we accept that its a valid (Tj distance)...
  16. P

    Temp 9 question

    Yes I have a tjmax distance and it is similar to that but I don't think it is because under load my cpu was 37c away from tjmax so I guess it is just an error. But on idle my cou is 69c away from tjmax
  17. Z

    Temp 9 question

    From my understanding and by noticing a lot of ASUS board users (on both major platforms, Intel/AMD) having similar readings, the most common possibilities for this is: 1. The value is faulty/invalid or... 2. The value is a distance temp of some kind of threshold. Do you have a CPU Tj max...
  18. P

    Temp 9 question

    Hello today I noticed that my motherboard had a value called temp 9 and on idle it was extremely High like 72c after playing an hour of gta v it went down to 57c my motherboard is an ASUS Prime B560M-A AC
  19. C

    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Hi TomWoB, I just recently found out about GenericLogViewer and what an awesome tool it is. Thank you so much for working on it and making it better. Earlier today, I was doing a stress test of my Asus PN50 and recording sensor logs from GPU-Z (v2.40.0). After the test, I load the log file in...
  20. L

    Troubleshooting plea for help

    I wont bother with a long sob story or other tales but i built a computer for my girlfriend a few years back and after roughly 6 months of using it she noticed after running games for a few minutes the games start freezing in short sessions. It can vary from 2 second freezes that resume up to a...