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  1. Spaksu

    Auto Start Logging

    Hi Again! Is there any way to start logging automaticly when windows start. Thanks.
  2. Spaksu

    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Thanks for the useful program.. If you do this in a Web-based version, it wll be awesome. :)
  3. Spaksu

    Average value instead of current value for logs.

    Hi folks. As far as I know the software is logging the "current" value as standard. Can we take the "Average" value instead of "Current" value for all our CSV logs? Is there a way or any button for change that? Thanks.
  4. Spaksu

    HTML Logs

    Got it. Thanks for this great program.
  5. Spaksu

    HTML Logs

    Cant you just do this subject with an update? Moving titles up in CSV file. That's enough for me.  I can't play with SDK :) it's beyond my knowledge.
  6. Spaksu

    HTML Logs

    And I'm planning to use reports without ever closing. So when CSV file is being use, (in read-only mode) the titles of the reports not show. It writes to the bottom of reports when we stops reporting. We need to stop the report to find out what belongs to what. Titles need to be written at the...
  7. Spaksu

    HTML Logs

    I know that but I need the specific log data such as "GPU Memory Usage", "Physical Memory Load", "CPU Usage" and use that data automatically for another data software. I need it for that.
  8. Spaksu

    HTML Logs

    Yes I mean the sensors log. Why we can only get CSV output? Do you think there should be more outputs like HTML, XLS or XML?
  9. Spaksu

    HTML Logs

    Hi guys,  I want to keep the logs of some units CPU, GPU and Memory (RAM).  And I want to keep update it as HTML file not CSV. How do we do that?