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    hwinfo64 or cpuz wrong frequency?

    I don't know if it is a problem given by hwinfo64 or cpuz, but the frequencies are different see photos during stress test
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    VR out, package Power iacores

    good evening, congratulate you on the great app you are maintaining. said that I would like to ask 2 questions, the first is: when will the reading of the current vrout be inserted in the msi cards? while the second is: check the consumption in watts of the CPU, the CPU Power package or the...
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    Vcore Down

    My vcore is low as seen in the picture, it's a bug?
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    R9 290x sensor read problem

    I have a problem with reading the VRM in my second video card, as you can see from the first two groups vrm, the second none. Another problem is the stuttering that causes me the game program, continuous slowdown, almost any game becomes unplayable thanks and this is a good program
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    Report 12v rail wrong

    In my hwinfo64 there is a wrong reading of the line 12 volts. I enclose a photo as evidence [/img]