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    RTSS OSD Column Selection - Bug or Normal Behavior?

    I'm trying to align GPU Core Load (the only one on the line) with other sensors on the lines below that have way more numbers (commited RAM and allocated VRAM). HWiNFO changes it's position up to column 2, and beyond it nothing changes. Digit alignment limit (10) isn't enough, making the...
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    HWiNFO not Saving Changes to Thousands Separator and CSV Item Separator Character

    Hello I started to use HWiNFO 7.15-4640 and noticed that whenever I try to change the character for the thousands separator and the CSV item separator, it doesn't save the change and stays as default, both as a comma. I can change the decimal separator without any issues. Could I suggest this...
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    HWiNFO 7.02 Logging File Broken

    After reseting my sensors list (disabling and hiding all sensors I didn't want), removing all empty rows generated in the process, customizing the names of some sensors and finally re-launching the program, I started a log file for test purposes. It generated a file which misplaced the sensors...
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    HWiNFO 7.02 Sensor List Annoying Without Fixed Order

    When I turn fixed order off to remove the sensor grouping arrows from the screen, everytime I remove a sensor from the list, the HWiNFO screen flickers one time, and one empty row is added randomly at the end of other sensors groups, sensor row I hid. Then I have to select these empty rows and...