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  1. Dominix

    New version shows weird values.

    Hello. Recently I've noticed that thermal throttling was highlighted in red in hwinfo what wasn't before (on previous version of hwinfo) on top of that some values are a bit off. and this is from today min temp at -16 yesterday vcore at 3+V this is from older version with same settings in...
  2. Dominix

    Can we have system time in osd (for RTSS)

    Hi i would like to ask, is it possible to add system time in osd, like afterburner did it? i use hwinfo+rtss+fraps, not worth to install another software just for one option. thank you for any reply.
  3. Dominix

    OSD Toggling not working

    Hi (sorry for my English) I noticed bug with hotkey for toggle osd(RTSS) in-game. in The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt and also in Project C.A.R.S this function is not working (well in W3 sometimes it work in main menu, but later in-game not at all)  I tied  set hotkey for just one or combination of...
  4. Dominix


    Hi (sorry for my English) i have question about OSD pic is it possible to random place stuff i have on my osd. move from left border more to the middle. others stick to right border etc