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    Acer Nitro AN515-54 sensors

    I recently purchased a new gaming laptop. First thing I did was to run HWiNFO and run a few games to see how it runs. I noticed however, HWiNFO sensors don't show much for the system board. For example, there are no sensors for fan speeds. I've enabled every probe and scan option I could...
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    Reading laptop battery EEPROMs

    Can HWiNFO read the recharge cycle counter from laptop batteries? I've got a couple laptops which suddenly started reporting battery wear issues but I'm quite certain the batteries are fine. I'm wondering if this information can be read through software and if HWiNFO can read the data. I...
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    Asus CG8480 sensor values

    My dad just bought himself a new system and I'm in the process of setting it up and testing. (This one to be exact.) HWInfo doesn't seem to show the correct voltage values for the board in this PC. There's nothing showing reflecting any 12v or 5v values. I've attached the information I...
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    nVidia's values merged with todays update

    With today's update you merged nVidia's values from NVAPI and from the video card hardware. Is there an option to revert back to the previous view? My laptop shows 2 different values for GPU Temperatures. The hardware value is at times up to 5 degrees higher than the value reported by...
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    Found bug trying to run with command line switches

    Just a note, I found a bug trying to run HWinfo32 with command line switches like -txt=whatever - You'll get the prompt attached as image1.jpg. Click ok. You'll see image2.jpg Click run. You'll see image3.jpg. Thanks. (Just as an extra note, the "sensor-only" option which is...
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    Invalid Intel (G)MCH value

    Just a quick post to report an invalid temperature value. Intel (G)MCH reports GMCH Temp1 when HWInfo is first launched, all looks good comparing to other temperature sensors. When high CPU load is put on the laptop and temperatures go way up, a second line appears GMCH Temp2 which shows a...
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    Fan control on Dell Latitude D830

    Martin, Playing around with the latest (posted) beta I noticed I've now got a fan control icon for my Dell Latitude D830 laptop. I just wanted to point out a couple of things: First, the fan slider has 3 positions - left, middle and right being 0, 2500 and 4400 RPM. The RPM value shown...
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    No options at bottom of sensor window

    Martin, Still playing around here in this lab and found a problem - not sure if you can fix it but just posting it here anyways. Connecting to a server with web / java based KVM client with lots of sensor lines to display. The sensor window is sized to the height of the screen (bottom of...
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    HP Compaq dc7800 sensors

    Martin, I'm working on a workstation here which doesn't show board temperatures / fan speeds with HWInfo but does with another utility. I've attached some information in case you get a chance to add support for this workstation. I only have access to it for today and maybe tomorrow so if...
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    bad sensor readings

    Hey, Got a system here that seems to be running warm but different programs give different temperature readings. In the process of testing, we noticed hwinfo32 is reporting 3 temperatures for the system board but temperature #2 is all over the place (32f to 480f) and the voltages are off...
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    Core clock too high?

    I'm not sure if this is a problem or not but I'll post it here anyways. :) The max value for the CPU clocks seem to be getting quite high for my laptop (Dell Latitude D830). HWInfo has been running since the release of the last beta so I don't know exactly when it happened. CPU is an...
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    nvidia clock sensors now doubled

    With today's beta the GPU clock and GPU memory / video engine / core sensors are doubled. Is this intentional? Thanks.[hr] There is a jpg attached there.. doesn't seem to be showing on the forum.
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    Request: Add system board sensors for HP computer

    Hey, I have an HP system here which reports system board temperatures and fan speeds for one utility but HWInfo32 doesn't show anything for this board. Any chance of getting HWInfo32 to support it please? :) (Hopefully useful) information from other utility: Mainboard Model 0A80h...
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    Older system showing wrong value(s)

    I've got an older AMD system here which appears to be showing the wrong values. System board Temperature 1 jumps all over the place.. 90c, 229c, 5c, 64c, etc... obviously something wrong here. Fan RPMs seem a bit high to me as well... could just be me though. ;) Thanks.
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    Small little thing to fix..

    Hey, Just posting a small little thing I noticed after having 3.80 running for a bit on my system. The thread % usage somehow goes slightly into negative values. Not sure how but I'm sure a quick filter would fix that. :) Thanks.
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    Temperature / Voltage incorrect?

    Got a system here that doesn't run for more than a few hours before blue screening.. thinking it is a temperature issue I ran HWiNFO32. It seems it isn't capturing the temperatures correctly - auxilary showing at 126 cel. and vbat voltage at 0.080 volts? Also shows the heading for the video...
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    Intel QST?

    What is Intel QST? It's showing up on the sensor page with no information. I'm unable to get a debug log since the program hangs at "Analying PCI Bus.." with the debug flag enabled. See attached. Thanks.
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    Dell Latitude D830

    Just a question here, Dell Latitude D830 shows "Dell EC" as a temperature monitoring section with 5 entries. CPU, Auxiliary, DIMM, Chipset and Temp5. Any idea what Temp5 is? Thanks.